7 BIG Reasons Humidifiers Are Important

7 Big Reasons Humidifiers Are Important

Humidifiers are an integral part of any family’s winter health protection plan. The extra moisture in the air that they provide can be helpful for all members of the family.

PowerPure 6000 Humidifier
PowerPure 6000 Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifiers

7 ways a humidifier can improve your family’s health protection plan

1. Humidifiers  increase the level of humidity in your home and can reduce the incidence of bloody noses, which occur more frequently during wintertime especially for those households with forced hot air heating. For the most affect it is best to position the humidifier close to the bedside where the moistened air will reach the sleeper more easily.

2. Many people suffer from winter dry air sinus pain and pressure and making sure the air is moist, keeps people breathing easy and pain free. It can be especially important if anyone in the family suffers from sinus pain. Humidifiers are usually all that is needed to keep people pain free, but sometimes sinus pain sufferer may need additional help, like nasal irrigation.

3. Snoring family members (and those that can hear them) can also  be greatly helped by having moist air to breathe. Combined with encouraging your family members to sleep on their side, moist air is extremely helpful in reducing that unwanted noise from family members.

4. Moisten air can greatly  decreases the amount of times cracked lips greet us on winter mornings.

5. A humidifier can help all family members breathe easier if they have allergies, asthma or other respiratory related problem. However, take care to choose a humidifier that is not prone to spreading bacteria and clean the humidifier regularly.

6. Humidifiers add moisture to the air, which is helpful for easing coughing, scratchy throats or congestion due to the common cold.

7. Many pediatricians believe that babies sleep more easily with a humidifier in the room. However they caution that the humidifier should be a cool mist humidifier or vaporizer to avoid the possible burning that can happen with some manufacturers’ warm mist units.

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We Recommend The Following Humidifiers

PowerPure 6000 HumidifierThe PowerPure 6000 ultrasonic humidifier humidifies rooms up to 900 square feet and lets you choose between warm or cool mist. The 6000 features silent operation, a permanent water filter, digital controls and an included remote control
Blue Air O Swiss 7135Air O Swiss 7135 Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier is a virtually silent, portable warm or cool mist humidifier with digital controls.
Boneco by Air O Swiss 7142Air O Swiss 7142 Digital Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier disperses cool or warm mist to humidify a large area up to 860 square feet.
Rowenta Intense Aqua Control HumidifierRowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier disperses cool or warm mist to humidify up to 500 square feet.
Black PureGuardian H8000B Elite Ultrasonic HumidifierPureguardian H8000B Elite Ultrasonic Humidifier disperses either cool or warm mist and humidifies an area up to 700sq. ft.
Boneco Air O Swiss S450 Steam HumidifierAir O Swiss S450 Steam Humidifier disperses warm mist to humidify up to 860 square feet.