Royal Pedic Organic Quilt Top Mattress

Royal Pedic MattressesI have long been a fan of Royal Pedic mattresses and when a customer of ours cancelled a custom order recently, I nobly said I would take this mattress into my own home for our guest room. I am not the only Royal Pedic bed fan in our household and my husband grumbles whenever he is asked to sleep on anything else- so be warned this can spoil you forever. I am always amazed why people rush to buy new cars every three years but keep their mattresses until it has ruts, lumps and bumps and they wake up feeling bruised in the morning.So recently, I took possession of the Royal Pedic quilt top mattress which is the most popular in the Royal Pedic line. I worried that it might be too hard, given I was used to the pillow top version. I confess to being pleasantly surprised. I gave the mattress a test run on my aching back and was transported to mattress heaven. I could feel that whichever way I moved on the mattress was immediately responsive and if I turned over, the latex immediately regained its original shape. I decided it was the perfect place to do my stretching exercises instead of the floor and you will not be surprised to learn that after stretching I fell deeply asleep until my husband found me several hours later. I can recommend this mattress without hesitation; sleeping well gives you a whole new attitude to life and this mattress will do it for you.