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Review: Royal Pedic Latex Mattress

I have written extensively about the Royal Pedic Latex Beds (from $2063.00) in previous issues of this newsletter but I have to tell you all once again, that despite being expensive, I think that these beds are worth every penny. I say this every time I have been away on a trip, slept in regular beds – or at least tried to sleep is more like it, and woken up full of aches and pains. Then on returning home, I find the aches and pains lessen significantly over the following few days, and I realize that spending money on a good bed is not such an extravagance if it actually improves the quality of one’s sleep.

We also did a “bed test” the other day when a bunch of people came over to visit my house. None of the beds were exactly cheap and cheerful, but the Royal Pedic mattress won hands down for overall comfort. The votes were not even close, and the memory foam that my guests need to endure in my guest room, felt like an unsupportive rock by comparison to the Royal Pedic Latex bed with its separate pillow top pad.