Beds & Mattresses by Royal Pedic – Updated

Mattresses – New Royal Pedic Beds (UPDATED)
Royal Pedic Latex Mattresses

Every time I write about Royal Pedic beds and mattresses I get nudgy. I really want one for myself. Last year my husband bought a new cheap bed and could not be persuaded to go shopping at A little over a year later he has been heard to say “maybe we bought the wrong thing honey…I am waking up with a backache.” But he also sleeps like a rock, nothing disturbs him. This is the man who can sleep standing up.

I, on the other hand always sleep a whole lot better in a decent bed. Royal Pedic beds have been custom made for princes, presidents, sports and film stars who want the best. The construction of Royal-Pedic beds is just superlative. And my personal choice? A Royal Latex Quilt-Top…..and if I wanted to be massively self indulgent, I would get the king dual electric latex adjustable bed. The idea of touching a button and lifting the bed up in order to watch TV in bed comfortably [TV sends me off to sleep] sounds like pampering of the first order.

By the way, there are three main advantages to a natural latex bed. They are naturally dust mite resistant, they mold to your body for perfect support [my husband would not have backaches when he got out of bed, and I would be less creaky], and so your partner can thrash around but your half of the bed will not move so you will not be disturbed by their motion.

Last night, my husband was starting to edge nearer to buying one of the Royal Pedic beds. He remarked that people spent more time in their bed, certainly more time than they spend in their cars, yet they spend very little money on their mattresses and rarely change them. He is a rational emotive behavior therapist and remarked how irrational the behavior was when you looked at it that way. I refrained from remarking that he was the one with the new car, while I drive an old Honda.