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Editor’s Choice – Pillow Reviews

As some of you know, my husband and I have been dutifully trying out every pillow known to humanity for the last three years. Pillows are a very personal choice but in the end I think it boils down to a final few, which I would welcome on my bed long term.

If you like the feeling of down but are allergic, then the Hypodown, which is real down but processed in a way so it is hypoallergenic, may well be the answer. Hypodown is a fusion of high quality goose down and Syriaca (milkweed) which makes for a more resilient and hypoallergenic product. After having tried out every conceivable variation of Hypodown, I have come to a couple of conclusions. You are best off getting 800 fill because it is “puffier” and will last longer, but the least expensive “Monarch” covering does just as well since you still have to put a dust mite encasing on the pillow, as these are not impervious to dust mites. As far as the level of firmness goes, while the “medium” is the most popular with our customers and will last longer, my personal preference is for the “soft” as my husband and I both like to sleep on our sides and scrunch up a soft pillow underneath our necks. (From $104.95)

When the weather is particularly humid or if you do not like to chance even remotely being in close proximity to down, there are a few other very pleasing choices. The nearest to the feel of down is a Euphoria organic pure wool pillow which has a medium loft and is surprisingly soft, while admittedly not being as soft as down, it is pretty darn close. It is far softer and loftier than any other wool pillow I have ever tried, which is in part to do with the purity of the wool. I have always rejected a wool pillow as being as hard as a rock but not this one! Since wool wicks away perspiration, a wool pillow will always feel comfortable even in the stickiest of weathers- no more sweaty necks! A bonus is that wool is inhospitable to dust mites so there is no added expense of dust mite encasings. A perfect choice for multiple chemical sufferers. (From $180.00)

I am a great fan of silk in comforters and the idea of a silk pillow was very appealing as it is a completely natural textile. The silk is very soft and the pillow starts out at quite a loft and feels quite wonderful, but I am afraid a silk pillow will not last forever since silk will deloft relatively quickly. However, if you wanted to impress someone, or even splurge on yourself a silk pillow should make the holiday gift list. Silk will neither mildew or harbor dust mites so it does have some distinct advantages ($142.95).

Last but not least are latex pillows which have quite a different feel to them, but for their fans they cannot be beat. I have tried out a number of latex pillows over the last two years and some of them, such as the contoured ones are quite frankly are way too firm and only to be recommended to those with neck problems, for which they are a boon. For those of you who have tried out a memory foam pillow, thought it felt wonderful, but rejected it (because it is a synthetic non breathable product that can get moldy and harden at about 60ºF), then the following two latex pillows will give you what you liked about the memory foam and more!

For the purists, a Euphoria rubber pillow is a totally latex product. It comes in one level of firmness (about a medium) and is unbelievably “springy” and envelopes you as you sink into it. Rubber is a breathable substance, so you will not become hot at night like memory foam, and is almost completely impervious to dust mites and mold, so no dust mite covers are needed. Together with a life of five years or more, these pillows are all set for many years of faithful service without the annoying lumping and breakdown of conventional pillows. We did not like the rubber bits version of this pillow which felt like soft popcorn ,but it is the ultimate moldable pillow for those folks who like to sleep with a pillow between their legs. (Prices start at $145.00 for the standard size.)

Another delicious choice is a latex pillow which contains 70% pure latex and 30% synthetic latex bonded together for resiliency through the Talalay process. These pillows come in three levels of firmness. Most people will prefer medium but the side sleepers who like to pillow scrunch will be in pillow heaven with the “soft”. This I admit is a pillow that when my husband and I tried out, we fought over who was going to sleep on it that night. For the soft pillow fan, this one is just yummy and my family are all going to get these latex pillows as gifts this holiday season. (Prices start at $99.95 for a standard size set of two.)

These are only a few of the pillow choices on our website but to my mind they represent the cream of the crop. Sweet Dreams!