Dust Mite Questions

What are dust mites?

Dust mites, also called bed mites, are microscopic creatures that can live in mattresses and upholstery and the unprepared home or apartment can be the host to millions. If you’re allergenic exposure to them can cause red and itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, sneezing and congestion.

What kills dust mites?

In general, your first step in dust mite control is to keep your home at cooler and dryer temperatures. The amount of dust mites in your home will increase a lot at high humidity levels above 50%. It’s also best to use dust mite covers for your mattresses, box springs and pillows. Using dust mite covers encases them providing you with a first line of defense. We recommend dust mite covers  with a fabric made out of comfortable, breathable fabrics with small openings under 10 microns, called pores.

We often get a lot of different questions here at AllergyBuyersClub, here are a few more of our more frequent dust mite cover questions we get from our customers:

Do all homes have dust mites?

Dust Mite & Dust Mite Cover Myths
Dust mite covers

No, actually no they don’t, which is why we recommend you use a dust mite test kit before you assume you need to try to remove them. More than likely if you live in a warm and a humid climate, then chances are you have dust mites and you know your allergies are bad than it might be worth exploring dust mite remediation. If you find you suffer from dust mite allergies but if your home is dust mite free, then you can relax.

Where do dust mites come from?

Dust mites aren’t actually from a specific place and there are a few different varieties around the world. Dust mites live everywhere humans do and have been around a while. In your house they most often live on cotton sheets and bedding.

Are dust mite covers enough to kill dust mites?

While we sell great dust mite covers, and doctors and allergists recommend dust mite covers for your bedding, unfortunately research has shown that dust mites get onto your carpets, clothing and upholstery. Studies show that a combination of a steam cleaner and a HEPA vacuum will do a lot to protect you and your bedding. If you’re looking for further advice about how to keep your bedroom dust mite free, I’d suggest our post about dust mite control.

Isn’t everyone is allergic to dust mites?

No, actually that isn’t true either,  if you have environmental allergies, like pollen, mold, or pet dander, chances are that you suffer from dust mite allergies. But isn’t really best to assume you have dust mite allergies, here at AllergyBuyersClub we always recommends that you go to your doctor and get tested first.

Do dust mites bite you?

No, dust mites do not bite you, they are simply too small to bite big humans. If you are getting what you think are bite marks on your skin, you should see a doctor. What people typically have an allergic reaction to is dust mite poop and body parts.

Do dust mites fly?

Strangely enough they do not fly, but the adolescent ones do jump around and their fecal matter can get kicked up as people move around the house. An air purifier is recommended after other measures have been taken.