Austin Air – The Pet Machine Air Purifier Review

AustinAir Pet Machine Air Purifiers
Austin Air Pet Machine Air Purifiers

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The Austin Air Pet Machine is fundamentally the same unit as the Austin Air Healthmate and Healthmate Plus, except that its 15lb. carbon mixture includes much more zeolite and a special additive which improves its ability to absorb the smells especially from animals.  Its compact size is ideal for a living room area or bedroom and its four casters make it very convenient for moving from room to room. Austin Air air purifier machines all feature filters that last a long time and The Pet Machine is no exception lasting up to 5 years of normal use.

See our in-depth pluses and minuses below and a full summary of the air purifier:


  • Great air purifier for pet owners thanks to the unique carbon blend with a special additive designed especially to absorb ammonia based pet odors.
  • You can expect excellent filtration from this unit with its quality 4 stage filtration process and 360° air intake. For best results we recommend placing the unit next to the source of odor and allergens.
  • It features 4 casters so it can easily be roll from room to room if you decide to change the location of your pets cage or litter box.
  • Capable of filtering large areas up to 1500 sq.ft. at 400cfm.
  • Minimal maintenance – filters only require replacement every 5 years under normal use. We do recommend vacuuming the pre-filter every 3 months to help the unit work more efficiently. PERMAfilt pre-filter is designed to be vacuumed from the outside of the air purifier.
  • Excellent 5 year warranty leaves you confident you have a quality product that is backed by its manufacturer.
  • Austin Air air purifiers have all been UL, CSA and CE approved.


  • Not as quiet as some of the other air cleaners we carry.
  • Does not have a filter change indicator so you have to keep track of how long the filters have been in use.
  • The 1500 sq. ft. air cleaning capacity specification assumes the unit is running consistently on high speed, which is not how most people operate their air purifiers. It will perform much more efficiently in a smaller room on a lower fan setting. For example, when used on low fan speed 75 CFM it can effectively clean a 141 sq. ft. size room at four air changes per hour.

Summary: Austin Air is a trusted manufacturer who makes a solid air purifier backed by an excellent 5 year warranty. The Austin Air Pet Machine features a special carbon, zeolite blend with an ammonia absorbing additive which makes it great for pet owners. The long life filters and minimal maintenance is a huge plus for all of us with very busy daily lives. This is a “turn it on and leave it with no worries” unit.