Spring Cleaning Tips for Preventing Allergies

Spring is usually the official start of the allergy season. However, many allergies that are associated with spring are caused by poor indoor air quality in homes rather than just outdoor pollen from spring flowers and trees. Here are some quick tips to make your home or office allergy-free:

1. It is always a good idea to first test your home for: molds, dust mites, pet dander, cockroach allergens, fiberglass fibers, formaldehydes and other pollutants. There are several types of dust mite, mold and allergy test kits which are highly affordable and will help you find the specific allergy problem in your home. Finding the specific problem can help alleviate asthma, headaches, coughing, eye and respiratory irritation, IQAir Air Purifierssneezing, fatigue and flu like symptoms.

2. Use HEPA air purifiers in rooms where most of your time is spent. A good HEPA (high efficiency particulate arrest) air cleaner can remove up to 99.95% of airborne allergens from your household air! A high-grade air cleaner is essential for allergy sufferers in order to achieve excellent indoor air quality.  The IQAir air purifier pictured here is our top rated HEPA air purifier for removing allergens, viruses, pollen, pet dander and mold spores from the home or office.

3. Vacuum up pollen spores, dust mites and other allergens (including pet dander) with a high grade HEPA vacuum cleaner twice weekly. Vacuum walls, carpet, flooring, chairs and furniture . . . anywhere dust can collect. Make sure the vacuum has HEPA sealed filtration so no allergens are released back into the air when vacuuming.

4. Sanitize, deodorize and disinfect your home with a vapor steam cleaner. Vapor steam cleaners are chemical free Whitewing Steam Cleanerand use only tap water to clean your floors, carpets, counters, appliances, upholstery, windows and much more. Steam cleaning kills dust mites, mold spores and other unwanted bacteria. The Whitewing vapor steam cleaner pictured here is our best value steam cleaner and is exclusive to AllergyBuyersClub.com.  It includes a 2-year warranty, full selection of accessory tools & towels and an instructional video for cleaning your entire home.

5. Wash all bedding in 140-degree hot water at least twice weekly to eliminate dust mites, pet allergens and pollen. Use dust mite covers for your mattresses, pillows and comforters to further protect yourself and your family from dust mites.

6. Shower and wash your hair every night before you go to bed. People often bring pollen and other seasonal allergens into their homes on their clothes and their hair. Use shower filters that remove chlorine and other chemicals too.

7. Keep pets off of your bed and out of your bedroom. Sorry, this is a small price to pay for allergy relief. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary from allergens. So tempt your pets to sleep elsewhere.

8. Reduce moisture levels with a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers help control mold in your basement and dust mites in the Danby Low Temp Dehumidifier bathroom, kitchen and other damp areas. Also, fix leaks immediately and limit your home to a few houseplants.  The Danby low temp dehumidifier pictured here is one of best rated dehumidifiers because of its quietness, energy efficiency and sleek design.  The Danby dehumidifier covers up to a 1200 square feet room and is ideal for basements or damp rooms.

9. Use a furnace filter to add protection and help clean your indoor air. Washable furnace filters will help effectively clean the air in your entire home and work well when combined with the use of air cleaners.

10. You do not have to suffer this allergy season! If you follow steps 1-9, your spring allergies should be significantly decreased without expensive allergy prescriptions. Keeping on top of these steps takes a concerted effort, however, it will be well worth it once allergy season hits.