Steam Cleaning Equipment Review – Ladybug Steam Vapor Cleaner

Steam Cleaning Equipment – Vapor Cleaner Review

Editor’s note. Somehow it has taken years for us to do a formal review of our best selling steam cleaner. We are enthusiastic proponents of vapor steam cleaning and I was reminded what a great machine the Ladybug is after using it on my father’s condo in London recently.

Good for someone who:

  • Wants one of the easiest and fastest vapor steam cleaners to use
  • Wants to kill bacteria, mold and dust mites.
  • Has sufficient cleaning problems to make the expenditure worthwhile
  • Wants to have chemical free cleaning
  • Prefers continuous fill and does not want to wait to add water when needed
  • Wants to use a steam cleaner for 5-6 hours a week
  • Wants to clean a house between 1000-2000 square feet

Most Important Features:

  • Continuous fill steam cleaner for ease of refilling water
  • A comprehensive set of excellent quality tools that snap on easily
  • High grade stainless steel boiler
  • Pressure gauge to monitor steam pressure
  • Finger tip steam control on handle for easy steam output control
  • Safety trigger switch

REVIEW – Rating Ladybug VJ2200 Continuous Fill vapor steam cleaners – Excellent

The Ladybug and VaporJet steam cleaners all come from the same factory and share the same high quality tool sets and accessories.

Customer Review: Click Here

The Ladybug steam cleaner is our best selling and a five star rated machine and for good reason. If you want a superb quality machine, this steam cleaner will not let you down.



  • The LadyBug Steam Cleaner takes about 10 minutes to heat up and can be refilled on the fly.
  • The Ladybug has the best instructional video manual, and a quick application cheat sheet.
  • All stainless steel boilers are not made equal, and the quality of this one is top notch with a 3-year warranty.
  • The Ladybug Steam is a very safe machine, not only because you are adding cold water to a cold-water reservoir, but it has a safety trigger as well. We have found in testing steam cleaners that we have often burned ourselves but never with this one.
  • The Ladybug tools are of excellent quality and snap on and off easily. It is the tools in a steam cleaner that make all the difference in the speed and effectiveness of the cleaning process.
  • The LadyBug is nicely balanced, compact and easy to carry and move around. We like to put the tools in a canvas bag and carry them around with us.
  • The LadyBug will produce steam and has a steam gauge. We found it easier to maintain proper ideal pressure when using the gauge.

Because the Ladybug runs hotter than most steam cleaners and has better tools, its ability to clean is thoroughly very impressive. Here are some of the problems we have tackled and been very satisfied with the results.

  • Steam cleaning the caked on deposits on the bottom of a refrigerator was a breeze.
  • Using the nozzle brush to get rid of semi- hidden dirt around the kitchen sink is a revelation.
  • We have steam cleaned the deposits and stains from anything from pets to coffee in carpets and upholstery.
  • Steam cleaning the wrinkles out of clothing, sheets or freshening up stale smelling clothing works well with the triangular brush.
  • Getting a large stain out of a window which had been there for years
  • Steam Cleaning bedding stains for mattress covers, pillows or coverlets is a fast and effective alternative to washing or dry cleaning and is also works very fast in killing dust mites in the bedding. The window tool is the best tool for killing dust mites!
  • We do not recommend steam cleaners as overall carpet cleaners, except with the upkeep of new carpet, primarily because it is too time consuming for most people, but steam cleaners on carpets are great for controlling dust mites and their stain removal abilities, especially with the help of a little Formula 212 cleaner is second to none.
  • Steam cleaners really come into their own when cleaning and sanitizing hard surfaces. The Ladybug can whip through the cleaning of tile floors, kitchen counters, bathroom floors and toilets (the bathroom never smelled so fresh).
  • Using a small steel nozzle brush grout between tiles can actually become clean. It is tedious to do but it does work.
  • We have steam-cleaned golf clubs, garden patio furniture, our couches and chairs and even tennis courts with no problem.


  • The frequency of the pump turning on due to water sloshing inside can be annoying.
  • It is expensive, but worth every penny if you start to use this steam cleaner to its full potential.
  • As with all steam cleaners this is a warm affair, and we needed to strip down to tee shirts when we steam clean.

The Ladybug is our favorite steam cleaner. It’s ease of use, continuous fill, safety features, quality of tools, and overall quality of the machine make it a winner. We had to think very hard to come up with any minuses for the LadyBug. This is the favorite appliance of the clean freaks, and you know if you are one of them!

Learn more about steam cleaning in our FAQ about steam cleaning.