Vapor Steam Cleaners Review

New Vapor Steam Cleaner – Ladybug XL

You can now see the new Ladybug XL on our site. This new vapor steam cleaner has a stainless steel boiler and heats up fast and retains it heat longer than previous Ladybug standard models. However, the real advantage of the Ladybug XL is that the attachments are on board instead of having to carry them around in a tote bag. This is best when you are cleaning on one floor, as when you need to carry the machine upstairs it is marginally heavier and bulkier than the standard Ladybug. It also comes with a longer warranty period than the standard machine although the insides are almost identical since the Ladybug now has a stainless steel boiler. So what do I recommend? If size and weight is any issue for you go with the standard Ladybug- which is my personal choice in a 3 floored town house. In a ranch house, I would go with the XL in a heart beat.

We are getting some very nice feedback from our members about the Ladybug. Here is an excerpt from a recent email from Lillian, a member whose husband thought she had just lost her marbles in making such a purchase and who is feeling so much better as dust mites come under control.

“My husband came home and was really grumpy! He just was sure I got ripped off. He has changed his mind however…..since I treated our bedding, and carpet for the dust mites (did not know about those little critters…’til I read your site), I go to bed, lay down and go to SLEEP!

I do not cough for a long time. Also in the a.m., I wake up, roll over, and cough a couple of times…MAYBE! None of that mouthful of gunk cough, just a nice lady like cough! THIS IS A MIRACLE! The Doc’s always said it was due to second hand smoke…(as a child)”

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