Natural Cleaning Tips: Vapor Steam Cleaners & HEPA Vacuums

House Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers

For those people with multiple chemical sensitivities, who get headaches around supermarket chemicals, but who are also allergic to dust mites and mold, we have compiled some of our best-tried and tested cleaning tips.

The equipment needed is a HEPA vacuum cleaner, a vapor steam cleaner plus water, a good non-toxic stain remover, micro fiber cleaning cloths, lemon juice and an oil soap.

Great locations to use a Vapor Steam Cleaner:

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  • Cleaning grout: The surface dirt and mold which is ground into grout can be cleaned very easily by using a brass nozzle brush on a vapor steam cleaner and wiping up the residue with a towel. Dirt, which has penetrated the grout, is more difficult to remove and may require repeated cleaning.
  • Bathroom Sanitization: A vapor steam cleaner will sanitize effectively without using disinfectant sprays around the outside and inside rim of the toilet bowl. Your bathroom will smell wonderfully clean to boot.
  • Cleaning shower doors: If you need to remove mineral deposits from shower doors try lemon juice. These are difficult to remove because they have penetrated deep into the pores of the glass. Follow quickly with a steam cleaner with a large triangle brush and towel. I have also heard you can also use steel wool on glass door, but it isn’t something I have personally tried.
  • Visible Mold: Visible mold patches can be removed with a solution of warm water and 10% household bleach followed by a steam cleaner to kill the remaining mold.
  • Kitchen dirt crevices: The dirt here is best flushed out with the one hole nozzle tip of a steam cleaner and the amount of hidden dirt will truly disgust you.
  • Refrigerator: Mold and caked on food and beverage spills can be removed with lightening speed with a steam cleaner and a towel attached to a large triangular brush.
  • Cleaning ovens & BBQ grills: We clean our grills by brushing off loose dirt with a BBQ brush. After that we use a tough brush kit from a steam cleaner and hold the steamer on one spot for a minute or two to loosen baked on food and then gently rub to remove. Grease on stove-tops can be removed easily with a small triangular brush followed up by immediately wiping with a towel.
  • Cleaning counter-tops: Quick wipe downs can be made with microfiber towels, but for true deep clean and killing bacteria, a weekly cleaning with the large triangular brush and towel of a vapor steam cleaner cleans deep into the pores of a counter-top.

How to use a vapor steam cleaner in other rooms of the house:

  • Stains: While stains can be removed with steam cleaning alone, we have found that spraying the stained area with a high performance non-toxic cleaner and then steaming straight away can enhance the stain removal process.
  • Mattresses: Research has shown that one two punch with a vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner will keep your mattress dust mite free. You will need to repeat the process every eight weeks.
  • Clothing: We prefer wet environmentally friendly cleaning for your clothes, but if you need to remove the odor of smoke, cleaning fluids or dust mites, let alone wrinkles, from your clothing a quick going over with the cloths brush from a steam cleaner will produce miracles.
  • Windows: No need for spraying on supermarket chemicals. The Squeegee attachment on a steam cleaner will do a superb job followed up by a towel to wipe completely dry.

HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Cleaning carpets: There is no need to shake any powder into the fibers of your carpet to clean it, out-gas new carpet, kill bacteria or control dust mites. We recommend first vacuuming any loose dirt with a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Then gently go over the carpet with a steam cleaner floor brush and a towel to allow the carpet fibers to spring back to life. Now your vacuum cleaner can really do its job and you should vacuum again to suck up all the dirt, which would have been trapped by matted down carpet fibers. If your carpet is very dirty we would recommend it is first cleaned with a hot water extraction carpet cleaner then the maintenance can be followed as above.
  • Under furniture: A HEPA vacuum cleaner, which lays down almost flat to the floor, will help you clean large dust bunnies from under furniture.
  • Hardwood, marble and tile floors: A special HEPA¬†vacuum cleaner floor brush with bristles in gap design for airflow will suck up large dirt particles. A vapor steam cleaner with a rectangular floor brush and towel will effortlessly remove all the ground in dirt with water vapor. Quick pickups can be done with a supermarket electrostatic disposable cloth broom. If the floor is exceptionally dirty and has caked on particles, pre-spraying the area with oil soap is particularly effective.
  • Dust on furniture and sills baseboards: We think these are best tackled with the dusting brush attachment of your HEPA vacuum cleaner. A vacuum, which lets you change tools easily on the fly, is a must. Quick dusting can be done with a slightly damp micro fiber cloth.
  • Upholstery: For dust mite control using a small turbo brush on a HEPA vacuum cleaner is essential. A steam cleaner can be used to revitalize old tired up upholstery fabric and you will be able to sit on it as soon as ten minutes later.

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