Steam Cleaner Customer Rave Review

Ladybug XL Steam Cleaner Thank You Email
Contributor: E.F.G


I received my LadyBug XL last Monday & had to wait until Sunday (Today) to try it out.

I must admit to you that my test was on a VERY badly kept bathroom at a manufacturing plant.

The Lady Bug XL performed WAY beyond my expectations. This floor was tile that had NOT been kept up very well over many years. Two hours work with just the Bug & the floor was restored to within 85% of the day it was laid down new.

I must admit that I had a bottle of Porcelain Bowl cleaner standing by – but you will be happy to hear that I never had to use it.

The restoration was done with just the Lady Bug & plain water.

I look forward to many projects that have been on the back burner to be moved up to the front and tackled with your machine.

Thank your engineers for me – they did great.