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The Ladybug Vapor Steam cleaner family has earned a well-deserved reputation as by far and away a superior machine to its rivals. It is a cleaning wizard that continues to amaze its users. With continuous fill technology, professional grade tools and an enviable reputation for reliability, you might ask how can the best get even better? The Ladybug steam cleaner family now offers a TANCS option to bring steam cleaning up to a level of germ and bacteria kill rate that is thousands of times more effective than liquid chemical disinfectants! A jaw dropping patented breakthrough using nano technology, and a EPA registered # for TANCS as the only available non chemical based disinfectant, and well documented research to back up its claims, the Ladybug now leapfrogs over its competitors into a different stratosphere.

As a nation, we have become germ and bug obsessed and I have become a little that way myself of late. For those around the elderly, infants, pets or the sick, this new technology is truly a miracle. A way to disinfect and deep clean without chemicals and those terrible chemical odors sounds almost impossible. I will write more about this next month and in the meantime TANCS steam cleaners are available on our site for both the Ladybug Standard steam cleaner and Ladybug XL steam cleaner. A process for retrofitting existing machines will be available soon.