Rave Review on Vapor Steam Cleaner

WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner Thank You Emails
Contributor: Susan M., John S.

Thank you for following up on my recent order for a WhiteWing Steamer unit.

You’re going to think I’m a little nutty, but I had the most fun this weekend using my new steamer, and I just love it. My house was built in 1890, and my intention was to use the steamer to kill mold spores in the basement, but after looking at the video I realized how much more I could do, and I used it for everything but the mold spots – those I’ll do another time.

The attachments are great and easy to change, and I appreciated that the cord to the unit was long enough for most rooms. It also runs for quite a while before the water runs out and I even liked that I had to wait 20 minutes to refill because that gave me a break from being a cleaning maniac. I cleaned the kitchen floor, which is of quarry tile, and that was a snap. Then moved to the entryway floor, which has 113-year-old mosaic tiles, and I couldn’t believe how much filth came up and out of that floor and off the tiles. Having the floor cleaned that well will help me decide whether or not to replace the floor, which has quite a bit of damage.

Next I moved to windows, and because of the extension pieces was able to easily clean a high window over the outside front door which I’d neglected due to the difficulty of putting a ladder over the stairs. I also did a lot of work in the basement, including several windows that are hard to clean because they have bars covering them on the inside. I have so many more rooms to clean, and also need to try cleaning my hardwood floors. I know I’m going to use this machine regularly, and my house will be better for it.

Thanks so much for a wonderful website. The product comparisons and descriptions are excellent, and make it so easy to shop!

Susan M.

Dear AllergyBuyersClub.com,

I recently purchased your WhiteWing Vapor Steam Cleaner primarily to clean out a window air conditioner for my father-in-law. It was full of black mold and just plain filthy. Using the 1 hole nozzle and the 1″ nylon brush, I was able to clean out the mold without using chlorine or other corrosive chemicals. Also with the nylon brush, I cleaned out the delicate aluminum fins to promote airflow and make the unit more efficient than it’s been in years. I even cleaned the screen on his patio door. WOW! It was amazing how dirty the towel got (I flipped the towel 4 times). I agree that a continuous refill machine could be more convenient, but as your tech mentioned it’s nice to take a break now and then. I used the floor brush with towels to clean our waxed vinyl floors, the 1 hole nozzle to clean my bicycle wheels, the 1 hole nozzle with 1″ nylon brush to clean the toilet.

On all the projects but the toilet I found the cleaner to be very helpful and useful. On cleaning the A/C unit it was invaluable. On the toilet, perhaps I just haven’t mastered the technique. (I had a lot of steam and it made it difficult to see what I was doing.)

Thank you for a machine that actually lives up to my expectations. So many items we order these days are disappointments. This one does what it’s supposed to do and does it well.

John S.