Special Interview with Allergy Buyers Club President, Philip Urso

Allergy Consumer Review focuses on finding products that help people with allergies or asthma and providing helpful allergy information throughout the year. We sat down for a short interview with Allergy Buyers Club President, Philip Urso to learn more about the company, his background, and his perspective on creating healthy homes for people with allergies.

How did you find your passion for helping others design their healthy homes? 

Growing up around Aerus Electrolux and their legacy of in-home consultations, I was exposed early on to what a monumental impact healthy home products could have on people suffering from asthma and allergies (not to mention my personal stake as someone with severe allergies). Unfortunately, there are limits to how many people you can reach in their homes, but with Allergy Buyers Club we saw a channel that we could use to help exponentially more people, and we have focused on providing that same expert-level help with extensive reviews and highly-trained consultants available by phone and chat.

Which Allergy Buyers Club achievement are you the most proud of?

It’s hard for me to choose just one, but I’d say our overall efforts to help people recover from natural disasters such as flooding, wild fires, and gas leaks. We’ve donated and sold at steep discounts hundreds of dehumidifiers and air purifiers to help customers return home more quickly than they otherwise would be able to.

What is one thing you want people to know about Allergy Buyers Club?

We really do care. Almost everyone at our company suffers from allergies or asthma, so we empathize with our customers and understand that, while a non-sufferer might trivialize some of these issues, for people who live with these conditions everyday there is a major negative impact. When we review products or talk to customers on the phone, we are speaking from personal experience and really understand the positive impact our products can have on your quality of life.

Talk With Healthy Home Experts

If you’re an allergy sufferer and have product questions, Allergy Buyers Club’s team of Healthy Home Experts can chat with you and provide suggestions on products that may work for you.