Nasal Sprays Review for Sinus Relief

Nasal Sprays Review for Sinus Relief

We get asked all the time what we think of nasal sprays. Some of you swear by them. Others of you say they do not make much of a dent on your symptoms. The important thing to remember is nasal sprays are for symptom relief, they do not provide a cure.

Nasal Spray and Nasal Wash Roundup

Nasal sprays can be helpful but you have to be careful about which ones you use, some of the sprays have a rebound effect and you end up needing to use them more and more frequently to alleviate the congestion.

Our experience has shown that these nasal sprays are a useful tool in the kit bag of a sinus sufferer but they don’t provide “a cure” and they are not the whole solution. Thinking that all you need to do is take a couple of sniffs from a nasal spray per day is wishful thinking. Oh, that it was so easy. Some of the nasal sprays recommended by doctors are as follows:


Provides 120 metered sprays,and contains Belomethsaone dipropinate,monhydrate. Available by prescription only. Recommended by Dr Carol Englender,Newton MA. Does provide definite relief for allergies and sinusitis and is non drying. Some users may suffer nosebleeds after using it a few times and choose to avoid it, but this is very rare.


Available by prescription only, approved by Dr Murray Grossan, who does caution that prolonged use may reduce its effectiveness and should not be used at the expense of reducing allergens in your environment. There are many clinical studies showing it to be an effective product.


Provides 200 metered sprays and contains Cromolyn sodium.Pricing varies by size. Available over the counter price under 10 dollars. Recommended by Dr Carol Englender. Nasalcrom used to be available by Prescription only. It is non drying and gives some definite relief during the allergy and sinus season.

Sinus Survival Spray

Developed by Dr Robert Ivker, this is a completely natural product. It contains saline solution, goldenseal, aloe vera , grapefruit seed extract. Given the recent research from The Mayo Clinic on the presence of fungi in the nostrils of sinus sufferers the ingredient of grape-seed extract, an anti fungal seems like a useful ingredient You can order two bottles for $20 from Klabin Marketing at 1-800-933-9440.


Available over the counter for $3.49. Ingredients isotonic saline solution,plus anti bacterial /anti fungal preservatives. Ayr is good for keeping the sinuses moist in dry environments.


Available over the counter for under $5. Ocean is good for keeping the sinuses moist in dry environments.

Marine Matrix Nasal Wash

Recommended by Dr Christine Northrup. This is composed of a 2 bottle set of isotonic and hypertonic solutions. These are sea water and pure spring waters that match and fortify your own intracellular fluids that you would normally have available to irrigate your nasal passages. Use in the Grossan nasal irrigator system or failing that a Netipot. Order the nasal wash from Grain and Salt Society for $15.95 plus shipping and handling at 1-800-867-7258.

Allergy and Sinus Relief Products

If you’re plagued with allergy and sinus problems, finding a solution is likely a priority to you. offers a wide-range of products designed to help with symptoms.