100% Nickel Free Belts

Have you ever wondered why you break out and itch around your waist? Chances are that you may have a nickel allergy. We now have certified nickel free belts with titanium buckles. These leather belts are exceptionally good looking and the buckles are exceptionally attractive. So much so, that we have been giving them to friends and family who don’t even have nickel allergies. The price is very modest too with the average belt around $30. My husband liked them so much that he had a hard time choosing which one he wanted and ended up with three of them!

AllergyBuyersClub offers 5 spilt leather belts with nickel free hardware, 2 titanium belt buckles and a pack of nickel-free rivets and buttons. All products are certified nickel free by Athena Allergy using Nickel Alert. They are also guaranteed never to test positive for nickel – 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here’s a sample of the nickel free belts on AllergyBuyerClub.

Nickel Smart™ Wide Pin Black Belt Nickel Smart™ Casual Brown Belt Nickel Smart™ Men’s Dress Black Belt Nickel Smart™ Oval-buckle Black Belt


Need more details? See ratings, a complete review and current prices for nickel free belts and other nickel free products at AllergyBuyersClub.