Shower Filters in Showerheads – Chlorine Filter

Shower Filters in Shower Heads for Chlorine Removal

I confess that not being a shower person myself (people from the UK often prefer baths), I have often looked askance at the real benefit of shower filters in shower heads. Do they really provide a benefit? I was not sure, although I did know that statistically some people each year die of chlorine asphyxiation in their shower.

I was finally convinced when someone on our staff who has been testing out a shower filter at home for six months remarked, “Boy, those shower filters really do make a difference!” I was curious, how did she know?

“My shower water now really smells. Time to buy a new filter!” Turns out she had got used to the feel and smell of filtered shower water coming from her shower head, and now the filter had worn out she could tell the difference. Even made a difference with washing her hair. OK I am now convinced! My husband is now getting a new shower filter.