Miele S7 Vacuum Cleaners – A True Breakthrough for Upright Vacuums

Miele S7580 Tango Upright HEPA Vacuum CleanerI need to tell you about the new Miele S7 upright vacuum cleaners; seldom have I been so excited about a new vacuum and I took this vacuum apart in our offices. I do not use an upright vacuum myself as I have so little carpeting in my home, and with a bad back even lifting a gallon of milk is a challenge- let alone a full size upright vacuum cleaner. But if you prefer uprights to canister vacuums and have carpets – read on.

The new Miele S7 upright vacuum cleaners are in a class of their own, and provide Miele customers with an upright vacuum cleaner design to which no other manufacturer even comes close! Miele has taken seven years to design this vacuum cleaner and have thought of everything to make vacuuming a pleasurable and efficient experience. Our five star rating suddenly seems inadequate to describe how superb the design is which Miele has achieved. Miele has introduced its new swivel neck and plethora of other innovative features, so that you will glide around the house cleaning every edge, every curve and every corner without exertion. These features include the Miele S7’s patented Swivel Neck™ design plus 360 degree swivel front casters, retracting rear wheels and an ergonomic handle, all cleverly designed that you use less effort, while being very nimble as you vacuum.

These vacuums have an impeccable sealed HEPA filtration system so nothing escapes, and you will find that changing the bag and filters has never been so simple or hygienic. This is an upright vacuum cleaner where the needs of the user have been taken into account from the get go, whether it is the eight LED headlights on the power head, the finger tip controls on the handle, automatic carpet height adjustment, 4-stage suction control, finger tip brush roll and power controls, 12 ft. extra reach hose, stainless steel telescopic suction wand or three full-size onboard accessory tools. If you can dream it, Miele now has it. A dream of an upright vacuum cleaner that looks good, feels good, and most importantly does a superb job of vacuuming. You will not be disappointed with any of the new Miele S7 Series Upright Vacuums!

Starting at $749 and available in a wide range of colors and styles.