Hand Held Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Wet Dry

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review – Hand Held HEPA

We think these hepa wet dry cordless vacuum cleaners have a number of advantages over other commonly sold cordless hand held vacuum cleaners, but like most appliances, it did not get perfect marks from us.

As a special note for those of you that have asked about its abilities to vacuum up “suspicious powders.” We have told law enforcement officials who have approached us that these hand held vacuums are better than anything else we have found. We advise anybody involved in decontamination efforts to use this cordless vaccum on the suspicious powder then quickly seal it up in a plastic bag and take it along to a lab for analysis. We do not advise you try this yourself as law enforcement officials should be wearing gas masks when they remove the powder. If it is found to be contaminated, dispose of it.


  • Filtration: HEPA filtration and wet or dry vacuum options – try finding that in a cordless dustbuster handheld!
  • Long battery life: Twelve minute battery life for this vac compared to 5 minutes for others sold in retail stores
  • Quiet: Strong suction power but the vacuum was much quieter than other cordless vacuum cleaners we tested
  • Tools: The extendable crevice tool and squeegee were nice extras found in this model and store in the charging base
  • Vacuum Warranty: 2 year factory – one year longer than with other brands
  • Indicator lights: The charge and low battery lights let our testers know when the recharging was done or needed
  • Headlight: great for use in the car when using the cordless as a car vacuum, or under heat registers or in other tight dark spaces
  • We liked this cordless Hepa Vacuum Cleaner best for cleaning dirt off stairs and crumbs and spills on floors or carpets

Pluses for NEW Ultima Model:

  • New model is very powerful and picks up much more than old model
  • New DirtTamer does great on the car upholstery and car mats; picks up leaves, etc. This cordless vacuum cleaner does not pick up pebble-sized rocks.
  • We dropped some powdered detergent on the floor – New dirttamer could handle it – old dirttamer vacuum couldn’t pick it up.
  • Same great features and accessories


  • Weight: We found these cordless vacuums a bit heavier than others we tested. They were more cumbersome to use overhead on blinds and in ceiling corners. These hand held vacs may be too heavy for someone with arthritis.
  • Only useful for small “pick-ups”. A cordless does not replace regular vacuum cleaner.
  • New DirtTamer Ultima does only last for 10 minutes before low battery light indicator comes on. If people want a quick suction surge for 10 minutes only, this is the cordless vacuum for them.
  • They have not improved the debris removal system – one still has to shake out dirt, debris from the canister on both hand held vacuums.

We searched for the ultimate hand held vacuum cleaner and we found it! We loved these DirtTamer cordless vacuum cleaners and didn’t return the units we tested. Finally, HEPA cordless hand held vacuums for allergy sufferers! They have a long battery life, great suction power, a headlight and can pick up wet spills as well. They are winners that would make a great hand held car vacuum or gift for anyone on your shopping list. Be forewarned you’ll probably want a DirtTamer deluxe or ultima vacuum for yourself as well.

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