Dehumidifier Review and Ratings

Dehumidifier Review and Ratings – Comfort-Aire Dehumidifiers

Comfort Aire 65 Pint Low Temperature Dehumidifiers
Comfort Aire 65 Pint Low Temperature Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier Rating: – Very Good

The low temperature Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers are among the best-designed home dehumidifiers we have tested. In addition to their being able to operate at temperatures down to 41 degrees, the digitally adjustable humidistat allows you to set the humidity level to which you want to dry. Their intuitive controls are clearly readable on the top of the units and digital readouts give you the room humidity plus the humidity level to which you have set the adjustable humidistat.

The large front loading bucket holds 21 pints, has a convenient center of the bucket carrying handle, slides in and out easily, and uses a lever system to shut the dehumidifier off when the bucket is filled, rather than the “float on a wire” system that tends to jam occasionally in some other units. When the bucket has filled, the unit will shut off automatically and will let you know by a light on the top.

The moist air is drawn into the front of the dehumidifier and the dry air exhausted vertically through the top to allow you to place it right up against a wall. Should the dehumidifier need to be moved, there are handles on both sides for carrying and 4 wheels on the bottom for rolling. The washable air filter is easily accessible for cleaning.

While the 2-speed fan produces a higher volume of air than most dehumidifiers and will dry rooms more quickly, it is unfortunately noisier than we would like.

For those of you who want to constantly drain the water by use of gravity or a pump, this dehumidifier is ideal because the drain connection does not attach to a hole in the bottom of the bucket, but has a drain connection above the bucket. Included is a 1-foot solid plastic tube that you push onto this drain connection, then run the tube out the back corner of the cabinet, and attach a hose to the threaded end of the tube. Therefore, there is never any water left in the bucket.

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