Comforters for Summer – Down, Silk, Wool

Summer Comforters Revisited

The notion that you even need comforters in the summer is a bit contradictory. I am one of those people that generate enough internal heat, that most of the night I just need a bed sheet. My husband on the other hand, would complain loudly if I confined him to just a sheet. When I am happy with a lightweight silk comforter, this man is piling up the arctic down.

The article is for the middle of the roadsters; those people who neither have an internal furnace nor walk around with cold feet even in summer.

Basically I think there are three really nice comforter choices and one runner up.

1. For those of you who like hypoallergenic down, choose the Harvester Hypodown Southern weight comforter (starting at $344.95). The 800 fill is the best quality. We use the Hypodown Arctic weight in the winter and I can attest to the quality of these lovely comforters. They are beautifully made and the fill does not shift around. Put a good duvet cover on this comforter and it will last for years. See our previous review on this line of comforters.

2. For those with intense feather allergies or who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), I would go for the Euphoria lightweight wool comforter (twin size starts at $325). I have always avoided wool comforters as they seemed to weigh a ton and I prefer warmth but without weight. Much to my surprise, I found the new lightweight Euphoria wool comforters to be as light as a down comforter. The fact that this comforter is also organic, is icing on cake. It is well made and wool is a wonderful fill as it wicks away moisture in summer. A good wool comforter will last for years. I was so excited when I came across this comforter, I immediately ordered one for my guest room bedroom where I go when my husband snores too loudly. I have to confess that I like it a lot and think it is worth every penny. I still have not figured out how they get that wool to be so light in weight. I am told it has something to do with the quality and purity.

3. For sheer featherweight warmth and luxury try the Imperial Delight Silk comforter (from $289.95). Silk comforters were our discovery last summer. We have learned a lot about them in the last year especially how to distinguish between them in terms of quality of silk and workmanship. The Imperial Delight comforter is our current favorite for the purity of the mulberry silk strands (very few “knots when you hold it up to the light) and for the manufacture, which looks like it will last a good long while if used with a silk duvet cover. I sleep with a Ming Dynasty comforter in summer, which I love but it is a bit more fragile in the way it is fabricated. A silk comforter is a sensuous luxury and I was reluctant last Fall to take my silk comforter off my bed and replace it with down for the winter, as I had reveled in its lightness all summer.