Air Purifier Sealed System Question for IQAir Purifiers

Air Purifier Sealed System on IQAir Purifiers
Contributors: David Barnaby, Frank Hammes
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Hey there,

I understand that the IQAir has what they refer to as the “3-D Seal”.

Modular sections of my IQAir, I can’t help but wonder what keeps air from at least to a small degree seeping through portions of the seams between the sections. The “sealing portions” of the seams look very small, even delicate, and like they would provide very little sealing capacity (although I am convinced they work – somehow -). The fact that they make their own filters I understand how the filter is sealed and I can even see how the filter fits the grooves in the housing. I certainly see how the filter elements are sealed, but again, the attaching points of the modular sections baffle me.

Can/will you please explain how air is completely kept from escaping.

Between these sections AND – this is a big “and” – IF the technology guarantee in the seal is something that breaks down over time or even as the modular units are separated and put back together (even if you need to contact Frank Hammes).

I would be content to wait for accurate details :-)?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the IQAir is a very fascinating machine to me and having been around air purifiers quite a bit it is still able to interest/amaze me as I spend more time with it.


air purifiers, air cleaners informationAnswer: (Indeed, our Dave Barnaby went to Frank Hammes at IQAir for this):
Hello Dave

Please find below some more detailed information to your customer’s questions:

The IQAir “3D seal” refers to the three-dimensional seal of the knife and groove sealing between the housing frame and the EPS filters. The knife-edge in the frame seals to the top and both sides of the slightly smaller groove.

As regards the sealing of the housing modules to one another, this is achieved by the self-aligning design of the modules, the tight fit of the modules, the knife-edge on rubber seal design and the uniform compression which is achieved by the clamping arms.

Some of the IQAir air purifiers have been operated in Europe for over 5 years and we have not noticed a deterioration of any sealing mechanism. One of the reasons lies no doubt in the high quality plastic housing material and the high quality synthetic rubber seal which are used in IQAir air purification systems.

Best regards,

Frank Hammes
President, IQAir