Vapor Steam Cleaning Tips

Vapor Steam Cleaning Tips – Clean Tile, Mattress

If you own a vapor steam cleaner, remember to “burp” it before you use it every time.

Fill it with water, plug it in, and wait until the OK light turns on. Then press the trigger to release the steam for about 15 to 30 seconds to get the air out of the system.

Take your finger of the trigger and wait until the OK light turns on again and then begin your cleaning. Also remember to let your machine just steam after every time you stop to change a tool or move to another room so that the steam that has just condensed into water in the hose will be turned again into steam.


Although it is the best cleaning tool I have ever tested and used, it does have some weak spots as you have stated.

Personally, I have had no trouble in adjusting the steam volume, but that might be due to my not being too concerned about it. I find that I can also adjust for moisture content by changing the speed at which I move the head.

Unlike you, however, I have found the Formula 212 spot cleaner to be excellent. When diluted properly it will make over 20 gallons of solution, and when I have applied a mist of it over the spots and rubbed it into the spots, I have found it to be remarkable. It has not removed every spot ’cause some have had a chemical reaction with the fibers, but it has removed 95%.

Vapor steam cleaners use heat to clean; the water puts the impurities into suspension, but it is the heat that draws the impurities to the surface.

You definitely need the Tuff Brush kit to do an oven. You mash one of the stainless steel non-scratch pads into the large brush that comes with the kit. The steam then gets the pad extremely hot and this heat plus the mild abrasive action of the pad removes the grime. You need to keep the pad moving from one location to another so that you don’t end up heating the metal sides of the oven, and fight yourself with both the pad being hot and the oven metal equally hot.

The bathroom tiles often have a mineral grime left from the water. Rubbing the surface with a fresh lemon or white vinegar and then applying the steam will help dissolve the minerals with their acidic content. Be cautious if you want to try any detergents; just use a drop or two or you’ll have bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.

The best way to kill dust mites in the mattress is to use the window tool without the blade. This spreads the steam over a fairly large area. Move the tool fairly quickly so as to keep the area as dry as possible. This heat will also kill much of the mold that might be present in the mattress. The wetness produced should dry within a very few hours, and since it would take about 24 hours for the moisture to activate any mold, mold growth should not be a problem.

Hope this helps you to more fully use your great Ladybug steam cleaner.

Bob Cobe
Technical Support / Sales
Allergy Buyers Club