Basement Dehumidifiers: When Do You Need One?

Woman looking at Basement Mold

The basement of a home is commonly used as either an expansion of living space or for storage. Since basements are underground they tend to be cool and damp. Basements become damp due to moisture migrating through the foundation, water leaks or due to high humidity inside the home. All of these conditions can lead to rot, structural damage and a variety of healthy problems. Health problems are most commonly cause by mold spores. Mold spores will very often be floating around in your basement making the air quality very poor. These conditions are common triggers of asthma or allergenic reactions.

A basement dehumidifier is specially designed to cope with low temperatures and switch itself back on after a power outage. While residual mold spores are best removed using an air purifier with a sealed HEPA filter to capture spores and carbon filter to absorb the odor, nevertheless a basement dehumidifier attacks the root of the problem – too much moisture.

How do you know if you need a dehumidifier in your basement?

Here are some sure signs:

    1. You see mold growing on the walls
    2. The basement air feels clammy
    3. The basement smells of mold and mildew
    4. The basement walls feel damp to the touch
    5. You see moisture rising up from the floor
    6. Belongings that are stored in the basement are growing mold or mildew and smell bad

A good basement dehumidifier can do wonders in these circumstances and turn an unusable living or storage space into an area that is dry and healthy. When purchasing a dehumidifier, please do pay attention to energy consumption and construction, as some dehumidifiers are constructed far better than others. Additionally, it is very important to make sure the dehumidifier’s temperature range is appropriate for your basement and it is extremely convenient to choose a basement dehumidifier with the option of automatic drainage.

More information about basement dehumidifiers can be found here or you can call Allergy Buyers Club’s Dehumidifier Hotline toll-free 1-866-627-4605 7-days a week to speak with a dehumidifier specialist!

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