Violight Toothbrush Sterilizer

VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer

My husband drives me crazy when we go on vacation and he absent-mindedly, mostly because he is colorblind, uses my toothbrush. He simply does not understand that when he uses my toothbrush when he has a roaring cold that he is ensuring I will catch his germs.

My dentist informed me recently that more bacteria are found in the mouth than any other part of the body! So now I can go back to him on our next visit with the perfect product to recommend to his patients. You can eliminate the risk of spreading unplanned bacteria between family members and self-recontamination when you are sick, through bacteria laden toothbrushes with a VIOlight Toothbrush Sterilizer. This nifty little gadget , which uses ultra violet to kill the bacteria, can accommodate up to four toothbrushes. It is nicely designed with safety in mind, UL tested, although like any other appliance, care must be taken when plugging in near a water source. The neat thing about this sterilizer is it can accommodate different types of toothbrushes and toothbrush heads from electric toothbrushes. Most importantly, it kills 99.9% of the bacteria hanging around your toothbrush.

The VIOlight Toothbrush Sterilizer makes a nice gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day at $49.95 but you need to order it now to make sure it arrives on time. My husband always wants gift suggestions from our store for his family, so this, together with the Sports Water Bottle with Filter ($31.98), make perfect affordable gifts.