Tobacco Smoke Odor Removal with Steam Cleaner

Smoke Odor Removal from Carpets with a Steam Cleaner

We quite often hear from reformed smokers who call us wanting air cleaners to take the tobacco smoke odor out of their residences. The odor has penetrated every fiber of all soft and hard surfaces. In other words, the smell of tobacco is everywhere. Then by now from our last tale you will have guessed the answer.

An air purifier with carbon filter will alleviate the symptom, but if you want to get the smell out at the source, then out-gassing using a vapor steam cleaner is the answer. Vapor steam cleaners work well for getting out embedded chemicals or smells. I myself was just demonstrating how a steam cleaner can be used for carpet spotting recently. Well, the spots came out no problem but so did the most obnoxious of chemical rug cleaner fumes that had to have been there prior to my vapor steam cleaning days. I started coughing, my eyes stung and were watering and soon everyone else started exhibiting the same symptoms. So the process works, but for us allergy sufferers, get someone else to do it. My husband does not know that this carpet is on my secret ‘to do’ list for him. I am just waiting for the right time!

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