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Maple Beds, Dressers and Nightstands

One of the unsung bargains in my opinion on our website, is our Maple Hardwood Bedroom Furniture which is hand rubbed solid maple with a non-toxic beeswax and tung oil finish. I have been doing a considerable amount of furniture shopping for our new summer home, and have become intimately aware of furniture pricing and what you get for the money. Most of what you get is not solid wood, well-made, or hardwood. In other words, it looks good till you make a closer inspection.

So I was somewhat surprised after exhaustive searching, to come full circle and choose our very own new Arts and Crafts bed with modified footboard in maple wood for a slat based mattress.

First of all the packaging for transport was done so that all items arrived without a scratch. The matching Arts and Crafts Maple Nightstands at $290 were satisfyingly substantive, and compared favorably to quality I have seen else where at three times the price. I bought two, one for each side of the bed, and am so delighted with them that I am considering additional ones for elsewhere in the house.

The new design for the bed is much more user friendly, as the lower modified footboard allows for easy and neat tuck in of comforter and other bedding. The acid test came when we unpacked the headboard and frame late one night in order to avoid sleeping on a mattress on the floor. My husband shall we say, is “handyman challenged”, so unless any assembly directions are dummy proof, we are out of luck. In this case, it was ridiculously easy, and I stood greasing the screws with soap and offering encouragement, as my husband used an electric screwdriver to put the screws into predrilled holes. It took us a little over half and hour from start to finish.

I had never seen the slat base for a platform type of mattress before, and admired the ingenuity of the design as the slats were all strung together with a rope/canvas type of arrangement. My husband’s spontaneous comment as he put this bed together was how hard the wood was and how well made the bed was. The Eastern King size is $825 and the Queen size is $725.

What I did not buy first time out is the Under Bed Slide-Out Storage Drawers but on reviewing the bedroom, I am going to buy those soon just to help store out of season bedding and sheets that go with that particular bed. For small bedrooms, that does provide some really great places for even putting items like sweaters. At $130 per drawer that seems very reasonable to me.

The new Maple 6-Drawer Dresser with graduated drawer heights, arrived at my home this last week. We chose the large 6-drawer chest at $1250 with which we are thrilled. l was less excited at the effort it took to get it upstairs. I had advised my husband when it arrived to spread a little money around the neighborhood, and tip the roofers to move it who were working in our condo development. My husband was so eager to get all his clothes into their new home, he insisted on the DIY option at 11pm that very night.

After sweating buckets, cursing and damaging the hallway wallpaper, we heaved this substantial (5 1/2 feet width) piece of furniture upstairs, and I was reminded yet again that solid maple is not a trivial, lightweight wood. However, I have to say our efforts were well rewarded. My husband is a very happy camper and once again I am very impressed with the quality of this maple hardwood furniture.