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Grossan Pulsatile Nasal Irrigation System

If you are like most of us, just the idea of nasal irrigation, borders on repulsive, reminding of you of half drowning in the swimming pool as a kid. So, your first response to nasal irrigation may be to say “no way”! That was certainly our initial reaction and we procrastinated a full five days before searing sinus pain prompted this reviewer to open the package and set up the WaterPik system and use the Grossan nasal irrigator.

Setting up attachment was literally a snap, the WaterPik for the uninitiated and clueless is more of a challenge but hardly difficult. A teaspoon of non-iodized salt added to the water well, and two minutes later we were in business. Lukewarm (body heat) water temperature was the most comfortable and about three minutes later it was all over.

At the risk of grossing you out, what happens is you stick the attachment up your nose, it pulsates the water gently up one nostril and the water runs out the other (you should be hanging over the sink to do this).

So were our fears founded? Absolutely not! The process is really innocuous. This reviewer cannot say that like some people she found the process pleasant, however she did find instant relief from her facial pain that was bordering on the unbearable and had a pain free night’s sleep. Lest you look on this as a one-shot miracle cure, we hasten to add Dr. Grossan recommends using it daily until symptoms abate showing that the nasal cilia are functioning normally again.

(see our interview with him this issue of Allergy Consumer Review and read more about why this remarkable little product works).

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