Reliable Enviromate Pronto P7 Steam Cleaner Review

Reliable Protno P7 Steam Cleaners
Reliable Protno P7 Steam Cleaners

As an advocate of steam cleaning, the notion of a handheld steam cleaner has held a great deal of appeal as an adjunct to the full sized steam cleaner which I have been using for 10 years. But the reality of any portable steam cleaner until now has been a huge disappointment, and I have looked on them with scorn as nothing more than an exaggeration; full of promise, but not much else. Yet I have kept hoping there would one day come a device which I could use and avoid firing up the bigger machine – let’s face it we are all a bit lazy and I want steam cleaning to be effortless. So when the manufacturer of the Reliable Pronto P7 steam cleaner came to call, I greeted him with all due skepticism and professed my biases openly. But I did promise that if I was impressed I would sing his products praises from the roof tops. So that is what I am doing – singing!

I decided one Sunday morning after my kitchen was wrecked from the debris of a party to put the Pronto to the test and this is what I found much to my surprise:


  1. The first thing that I noticed is the Pronto has a very long cord, so long that I could almost reach anywhere in the kitchen without unplugging it and changing sockets.
  2. I then was very pleasantly surprised to find that the Pronto Steam Cleaner has an extensive assortment of tools of the quality that is usually found in full size machines. This is very unusual for machines of this type and it is the tools which allow any steam cleaner to be effective. I thought the little toweling bonnets were just darling and very useful!
  3. Next was the acid test of putting these tools on and off. No problem even for my arthritic hands. Effortless off and on and click to use. What a refreshing change!
  4. I filled its tiny continuous fill boiler with water through a hinged lid which popped back and stayed back without shutting till I wanted it to Yes, you did hear the words “Continuous fill” the first of its kind in the industry. This for the uninitiated, means that you can keep refilling its boiler without having any cool down period. I was starting to get really enthused about this.
  5. The Pronto steam cleaner heated up its water so fast I could not believe it, I had only just finished figuring out which accessories I was going to use and the Pronto was ready and fired up and ready to go!
  6. One of the things I have abhorred about all portable, hand held devices is you actually have to hold them and it does not take much time for my hands to get really tired, and then I abandon the task too soon. I soon found that the shape of this device allows one to rest it down on the counter and then just pick up the accessory head which is as light as a feather. Together with is extra long cord, it only meant I had to actually pick it up once when I moved locations far across the kitchen.
  7. So now you might be wondering if the Pronto is actually able to clean anything! The answer is a resounding yes! I am a hard one to please and am known as the “cranky consumer” in my company, but in this case I ended up grinning from ear to ear. Tough burnt on spills on the stove top came off with ease; the kitchen drain got disinfected in a heartbeat, the counter tops got cleaned in a jiffy and the kitchen started to smell sweeter; the underside of the garbage bin got cleaned which my cleaning lady ignores; dirty spots got taken off the walls and the microwave baked on splatters just slid off!
  8. Emboldened by my kitchen success, I tried it out on cat vomit stains on the carpet after loosening it up a bit with non toxic stain remover. Nice job! I vowed to go around all my home to tackle the umpteen spots, but that I will leave for another day – at least now I have a handy, light weight spot remover.
  9. I then used it as a garment steamer for a crumpled linen shirt. It actually did a pretty good job but not as good as a steam iron but in a pinch, this can work.
  10. Yes, it can remove stains in the bathroom. Not going to go into graphic detail here but rest it down on the floor and it can reach where you want it to go, and my husband said he no longer needed a new toilet seat for his bathroom.

Summary: So in conclusion, this is a device which makes me smile! I really could not find anything wrong with it and everything right with it. That is a rarity in my book and I could not recommend this to you more strongly. Oh and one more thing – the price. Incredible value for money and worth three times the amount in my opinion. I cannot believe I have just waxed so effusive about a product, and have not done so for a long time.

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