Radon Elimination Question

Radon Elimination Advice – Any Products Which Would Help?


Do you have any products that clean the air of radon? I have a 4.80 reading of radon in my home how do I fix it?


Hi Jill-Ann,

Radon is a pretty dangerous naturally occurring element and gas, and unfortunately it’s a proven cause of lung cancer.

Unfortunately radon is not easily filtered out of the air with a standard filters (it’s a Noble Gas). It also isn’t easy absorbed by activated carbon or chemically with potassium permanganate, alumina silicate, alumina oxide, and other absorbing agents because it’s fairly nonreactive. Therefore, the best option to remove radon from your home is by ventilation.

Normally, air will be drawn in from the outside so fresh air without the radon is introduced into the room. At the same time, the air in the room with the high radon level is vented out by a fan and it is usually exhausted back outside normally through the roof.

In this way, the radon level in the basement will gradually be reduced as you exhaust the air in your basement to the outside through your roof and replace it with air from the outside. This is the only effective way to control a radon problem. If the radon is coming in because of cracks in your foundation walls and floor it might help to seal up all of the cracks first before going to a more expensive and drastic approach. Try sealing the cracks and take a new radon reading. If you can get the level down to 2 or 3 this might be satisfactory since unsafe levels are 4 pCi/l. A pCi/l is a Picocuries per liter is the main measurement of radioactivity.

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Dave Barnaby