Pristine Mattress and Pillow Dust Mite Covers Review

Pristine Dust Mite Covers
Pristine Dust Mite Covers

Pristine Dust Mite Covers for your mattress, box spring, and pillows. 100% polyester, non-membrane encasements with a soft 260 thread count. Patented fabric technology, certified dust mite allergen barrier covers with 2.6 micron average pore size.

1. Barrier to Dust Mites (pore size less than 10 microns)
2. Barrier to Dust Mite Allergens (pore size less than 6 microns)
3. Fabric Quality
4. Zipper Quality
5. Construction Quality
6. Sleeping Comfort (is it quiet, does it feel like plastic)
7. Easy to put on
8. Breathability
9. Durability
10. Value for Price
11. Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Excellent barrier against dust mites and allergens with a small mean pore size of 2.6 microns
  • Departments of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology at two leading Colleges of Medicine found that Pristine is an effective barrier to dust, dust mites, and associated allergens
  • Breathable with a moisture vapor transfer rate of 1100 (cotton has a MVTR of around 900)
  • Very comfortable to sleep on, no membrane and it does not have a vinyl feel or sound
  • Zipper closures are easy to use and create a secure, sealed fit
  • Easy to care for – safe to machine wash and dry
  • Durable construction and fabric. Pristine has been designed to remain effective after repeat washings and withholds its tight weave and small pore size better than the average woven fabric. After 50 washes, Pristine’s pore size is still very small at 3.2 microns.


  • Not as soft as our cotton and organic cotton dust mite covers
  • Very sensitive skin may be irritated by the polyester fabric since it is a synthetic product
  • Woven fabrics will naturally increase in pore size with washing and wear which reduces their effective lifespan. However, these have improved washability and will remain an effective barrier longer than most woven fabrics.


Pristine┬« is one of the best know allergen barrier fabrics on the market. It is a patented membrane free, micro-weave polyester fabric that feels nice to the touch and has a very small 2.6 micron pore size to offer great protection against dust mites and their allergens. It provides a cool, quiet and breathable sleeping surface that feels great under your sheets. The pristine covers will help keep you dry and comfortable as you sleep and will not make your pillows feel like a balloon as is the tendency with vinyl or laminated covers. These encasements are also very durable, made with heavy gauge rust proof nylon zippers and sewn with 12 stitches per inch for ultimate strength against ripping. Another plus is they tend to retain their tight weave longer than the most top quality woven fabric, so they are a good choice if you like to (or need to) wash all you bedding often. One should note that the fabric is treated with an anti microbial agent which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your sensitivity to fabric treatments. If have super sensitive skin you probably would be better off choosing a natural or organic cotton encasement just to be safe. If you have never had a reaction to a fabric then this is only an added benefit as it helps prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. One more thing to note, on the larger size encasements, queen and above, the mattress and comforter covers will have a seam in them as the fabric is only made 66″ wide. This will not bother most people because the encasements are covered with sheets or a duvet cover, but is worth noting for those who are picky about seams.

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