Silk Comforters or Down Comforters

Silk Comforters – Why They Are A Real Alternative To A Down Comforter
silk comforters

I have been sleeping with a Ming Dynasty silk filled comforter for nearly two months. To be truthful, although I had experienced the warmth of silk thermal underwear, somehow I was skeptical about the viability of a silk filled comforter.

After 2 months, I must admit to being won over. The silk is wonderfully fluid and cloud light and best of all no need for an expensive dust mite cover. I do however use one of our Diva 400 tc (“thread count”) cotton duvet covers.

I have been known to just bypass any sheets as the duvet cover is so soft. When I insist on turning on the auxiliary air conditioner to make our bedroom the temperature of a refrigerator, the silk comforter has kept me toasty warm, which surprised me as the Ming Dynasty is recommended for Southern climates or Northeast summers. While I grew up in Europe being used to the huge puffiness of a down comforter and love my Hypodown Monarch down comforter for the depths of winter, I also prefer the neater flatter look of the silk filled comforters.

Silk is a perfect fiber; it is amazingly strong and keeps people warm in winter and cool in summer by wicking away moisture into the air. It is inhospitable to dust mites because it does not retain moisture but unlike our Alpaca wool comforter, which is also dust mite resistant, there is no weight to it. After sleeping with a silk filled comforter and then going on vacation, I found that regular blankets felt like I was sleeping under a sack of potatoes! My husband’s only half-grumble is that he is getting so quickly used to luxury linens (and it is amazing how quickly we adapt to luxury!) that everything else feels like sandpaper!

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