Home Comforts Ultrasonic Dual Mist Humidifier Review

Home Comforts Ultrasonic Humidifiers
Home Comforts Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Our Home Comforts ultrasonic humidifier delivers your choice of warm or cool mist at a very affordable price. Its simple easy to use design will effectively humidify small to mid sized bedrooms, offices, or living rooms.

1. Room Coverage
2. Level of Quietness
3. Filter Life & Cost of Replacement Cartridges
4. Amount of Maintenance Required
5. Anti-bacterial Features
6. Ease of Filling
7. Ease of Operation and Filter Replacement
8. Quality of Construction
9. Humidistat to select desired humidity level & hygrometer to display the actual humidity in the room Not Applicable
10. Frequency of Filling
11. Value for Price


  • It’s a simple, easy-to-use humidifier that requires very little maintenance. The only replacement part needed is a demineralization cartridge (replace every 6 months depending on water source).
  • The tank is compact and lightweight enough for simple filling. If the tank is too heavy when completely full there is a helpful carrying handle.
  • There is a nice dual spout that allows the user to disperse the mist in multiple directions for maximum coverage.
  • The Home Comfort disperses a comfortable ultra fine mist and can humidify a small to mid-sized bedroom throughout the night when on medium fan speed.
  • Its ultrasonic generator provides very quiet operation
  • The overheat protection and auto shut-off are helpful safety features and also prolongs the life of the humidifier.


  • Does not have a humidistat to control a specific humidity level
  • There is no hygrometer to tell you what the actual humidity is in the room


Our Home Comforts Dual Mist humidifier may not be the prettiest to look at but it is a practical humidifier that offers many of the standard features – such as quiet operation, dual spout and an ION exchange filter – needed to bring relief during those drier months. Plus, you just can’t beat the value! We found the mist to be quite comfortable and soothing yet the warm mist could be a little bit higher in temperature. Overall, this is an efficient humidifier without all the bells and whistles yet will soothe cracked skin, sinuses and other symptoms associated with dry air.

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