Air-O-Swiss 7144 Humidifier Product Review – Category Winner

Air-O-Swiss 7144 Ultrasonic HumidifierThe ultrasonic warm and cool mist Air-O-Swiss 7144 humidifier (starting at $199) has become my new favorite humidifier this winter season. It is also our new category winner! I tried it out when I had a hacking cough and kept waking in the night, and it definitely helped my breathing and reduced the amount of time I coughed in the night. Specifically, this is what I found:


  • After griping that my office had not sent me home with a manual, I found that Air-O-Swiss 7144 had thoughtfully put operating instructions inside the humidifier in an easy to view spot. Great for those who lose the paper manual anyway. I did figure out most of it, and got it operational without the manual, and I am not very handy, but the actual instructions were a nice bonus!


  • I found the size and the shape of the humidifier made it the easiest of machines that I have ever tested. It still fills up from the bottom, but even when it was full, it was a cinch to carry and did not ask for assistance from my spouse. Actually, I did request his help once, but that was more from being annoyed at the hours of him imitating a couch potato when I was doing all the housework!


  • This humidifier is almost completely silent, most people will think it is totally silent, but I hesitate to say that for 100% since there is always someone outside the norm. However, I defy you to hear it from the other side of your bedroom from your bed.


  • The 7144 humidifier gave forth a satisfying amount of mist, and the humidity in my room increased quite quickly. It was not a fair test however, since my Siamese cats kept walking in an out of the bedroom.


  • I confess to really liking the styling, and the silver/black color fitted nicely and unobtrusively with the bedroom décor.



  • If there was one minor thing to pick on, it was how the digital read out of humidity levels seemed to take a bit of time to settle down and give an accurate reading. I did check the levels against a hygrometer I had and found at most a couple of percentages difference.

  • You do have to figure out the controls when you have them up close and personal on a counter top, and then memorize them, because once I put this humidifier onto a small foot stool to raise it up off the floor (as per manufacturer’s instruction) you will not be able to differentiate the controls from far away, unless you have eagle, youthful eyes.

Starting at $199.99 the Air-O-Swiss 7144 Humidifier covers up to 650 sq. ft.