Fuller Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Air O Swiss humidifier 7135I have always associated the word Fuller with the Fuller Brush Company selling door-to-door, which now comes to you reincarnated with two Hepa upright vacuum cleaners.

These Hepa upright vacuum cleaners have undergone rigorous testing, and the testing team report that these vacuums  are actually well sealed, and do an excellent job. We also view them as very good value for the money which is what everyone wants nowadays.

If I had any caveats having tested them during a photo shoot, is a reminder that uprights are a good deal heavier than canisters and are best used in wall to wall carpeting situations. Having been used to the quiet purr of Miele or Sebo vacuums, I confess that the loud sound of these vacuums was a little startling and my cats removed themselves smartly! But we have been in search for a long time for an upright that is reasonably priced and high quality, and are pleased to say that we think Fuller fits the bill.

Fuller Upright Hepa Vacuum Cleaners