Ebac Free Star Commercial Dehumidifier Review

Ebac Free Star Dehumidifiers
Ebac Free Star Dehumidifiers

The Ebac FreeStar commercial and industrial dehumidifier is the right choice for maximum moisture removal and maintenance in a large space up to 1800 square feet. It has the same 2 stage cooling process as the Orion utilizing an air to air heat exchanger to pre-cool the incoming air before further cooling it as it passes through the evaporator coil to maximize the moisture removal. The result is a removal of up to 105 pints of water per day in a normal environment to 224 plus pints in extreme conditions. Where the Orion is perfect for moving from location to location, the FreeStar is a permanent solution for an area that requires lots of water removal in colder temperatures.

1. Room Coverage Based on 24 Hour Moisture Removal
2. Noise Level
3. Low Temperature Operation
4. Quality of the Continuous Drainage Option Included (Ease of hose attachment, location above the ground to improve the flow of water w/ gravity and provides the hose)
5. Bucket Capacity Not Applicable
6. Size, Weight and Maneuverability
7. Ease of Access to Bucket & to Remove and Replace Not Applicable
8. Energy Rating
9. Ability to Access Filter & to Remove, Clean and Re-install
10. Quality of Construction & Warranty
11. Value for the Price


  • Can dehumidify a large area with its strong airflow and moisture removal
  • Can operate in temperatures down to 33 degrees due to its Hot Gas Defrost System that comes on every 55 minutes for a period of 5 minutes to melt any ice that has formed
  • Internal Condensate Pump with drainage hose Easily accessible washable filter
  • Adjustable humidistat controls the humidity in the space
  • Excellent construction with its powder coated steel chassis


  • Is not easy to maneuver and at 160 pounds is designed to be set-up permanently in a specific area because it does not have any caster or wheels


The Ebac FreeStar is a good choice for those looking to dehumidify an area fast and keep it dry in the harshest conditions down to 33 degrees. The two stage cooling and drying it possesses allows it to remove in excess of 28 gallons in high temperature and humidity conditions and it does this relatively quiet and without breaking the bank. Like most of the Ebac line, it is nice to see the FreeStar will continue to remove moisture from the air even as the air temperature drops below 59 degrees with its Hot Gas Defrost cycle that comes on every hour on the hour resulting in 55 minutes an hour of dehumidification regardless of the temperature. The FreeStar is built to last and its rugged metal frame will stand up to the worse of conditions. We like that it has a built in condensate pump along with a drain hose giving one the option to drain the water upstairs, out a window, or up into any location that is convenient. The easy access washable filter maintains cleanliness to the inside components and the adjustable humidistat can be set to the desired humidity to turn off once it is reached and turn back on if it increases. About the only thing we could find fault with is that the FreeStar does not enable one to move it from one area to another very easily since it is not on casters, weighs 160 pounds, and has no handles to allow a good grip to easily lift it. All in all, we feel the Ebac FreeStar is a strong consideration for someone looking for a quick and permanent solution to an area in need of significant drying.

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