7 Tips to — Achoo! — Manage Those Pet Allergies

Attention all pet lovers: have you heard? There’s a good chance that up to 30% of people with allergies also have allergic reactions to pets. And dander from dogs and cats is a top offender for triggering these allergic reactions. But you love your 4-legged fur critters — they practically family. So what are your choices? Surely you don’t have to get rid of them? Luckily, the answer is no. Though it might mean a little bit more work on your part, there are definite ways to manage your dog and cat dander allergies without losing your pet (or your mind).

Pet allergy facts

As someone who suffers from cat dander allergies myself (and the proud human owner of two Siamese cats), I can sympathize with your pain, but I also have good news — this isn’t an unsolvable problem!

  1.  Be sensible. If you suffer from dog and cat dander allergies, limit the number of pets you have in your home. My personal recommendation would be no more than two. Every additional pet compounds the problem.
  2.  Do not let your pets sleep with you on your bed or sleep in your bedroom during the day time. You need your bedroom to be an allergy-free sanctuary.
  3.  Wash your hands after petting your pet which will help you from inadvertently rubbing your eyes and irritating them.
  4.  Purchase a good quality HEPA air purifier that is capable of trapping pet allergens which are notoriously small particles and difficult to capture. You will need multiple air purifiers for your living space unless you go for central air purification which I personally recommend, budget permitting.
  5. Use a sealed system HEPA vacuum cleaner to frequently vacuum up pet hair and pet dander which is (very likely!) embedded in your carpets and upholstery.
  6. Use pet wipes from your local pet store and pet allergen shampoos to reduce the dander on your pet’s coat.
  7. If you have forced hot air heating or cooling spend the extra money for a top of the line furnace filter to stop pet allergens from constantly recirculating in your home.