6 Tips for Relief from Fall Allergies

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Fall allergies can be just as annoying and uncomfortable as spring allergies. Runny noses, itchy eyes, even itchy skin can be attributed to fall allergies. Many people find themselves sitting inside all day avoiding the irritants in the outdoor air instead enjoying the season. Others simply stuff their pockets full of tissue and hope for the best. If this sounds like you, then you probably need relief.

Managing Fall Allergies

Wrapping up in a sweater and raking leaves may be your worst nightmare but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. While triggers like pollen, mold, and dust mites might be attacking you indoors and outdoors, you can usually find a way to manage your allergies with a few different methods. These seasonal allergy management tips may help:

  • See an Allergist: understanding your allergies is an important part of treating them. An allergy test may be the first step in determining what irritates your allergies and how you can treat them.
  • Buy a Dehumidifier: if mold or dust mites are driving your allergies crazy, a dehumidifier may help.  Dust mites and mold tend to thrive in humid conditions. Keeping humidity levels low in your home can help fight mold growth and give your allergies a rest.
  • Check Pollen Levels: some areas are worse for pollen than others. Being aware of the pollen levels in your location can help you prepare for the day and make a plan before venturing outdoors. Certain kinds of pollen may also change day to day, so knowing what may cause your allergies to flare up can be beneficial.
  • Use an Air Purifier: fall allergens have a funny way of getting inside our homes. Pollen, mold spores, and other sneeze-inducing particles can float around in your home without you even realizing it. An air purifier for allergies helps remove allergens from the air by filtering out the bad stuff so you breathe only the good stuff.
  • Avoid Hanging Things Out to Dry: during the cooler months, many people like to air out or dry their bedding, carpet, and even clothes. While the smell of fresh laundry that’s been blowing in the wind is wonderful, the pollen that settles in the fabric can annoy your sinuses.
  • Wear a Face Mask: if you’re planning on doing yard work, wear a protective face mask and goggles to avoid getting pollen and dust in your eyes, nose, or mouth. Something as simple as raking a pile of leaves may cause a coughing fit or eyes to get itchy and water. Facial protection may help reduce this possibility.

Fall Allergy Help

For some people, allergies are more serious and there isn’t a quick fix. Having a care plan in place and understanding causes of allergies can make coping with them easier. Whether you decide to use air purifiers, allergy medication, or a combination of coping methods, you deserve to enjoy every season experience it both inside and outside of your home.

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