Hypoallergenic Bed Comforters – Down and Silk

Hypoallergenic Bed Comforters for Winter – Silk and Down Comforters
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The cold weather has hit us in Boston, so my husband and I reluctantly pulled off our lighter Southern weight Ming Dynasty summer silk-filled bed comforter and hauled out our Monarch Hypodown oversized king. The first thing I immediately noticed, was I felt really toasty warm and the oversize is great for people who have a partner who pulls all the covers off them and wrap covers around themselves, otherwise known as “bed hogs”. The oversize bed comforter is so huge not even the hogs can use it all. The downside of the oversize, is you end up needing a custom-made duvet cover, which is to my mind an unnecessary expense for most people. The other thing I noticed, was that the 800 fill power is surprisingly warmer compared to my winter weight top- of- the line famous brand goose down comforter, which I have on my guest room bed. Even though I wouldn’t mind indulging in a Siberian down or Eiderdown comforter, I have to admit the Hypodown is pretty darn good. Incidentally, the Empress is the best selling Hypodown comforter right now.

I also want to mention that our Imperial Delight silk-filled comforter, available in a winter weight, is being upgraded to a 5 star rating. Our supplier made some fussy little changes, at our request, and is now making a really superb, top notch comforter. I like it so much that I will be buying one for my father for Christmas.

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