Wool Pillows Review – Hypoallergenic Alpaca

Wools Pillows Review – Hypoallergenic Alpaca Wool

I think our alpaca wool pillows are a hidden jewel. If you can forgive them that they are not quite as soft as a Primaloft or Hypodown pillow, they are softer than you would expect. They are certainly not as hard as a rock like traditional wool pillows.

There are many benefits to a wool pillow for the allergy sufferer. They are naturally dust mite, mildew and mold resistant, and handle moisture better than any other fiber. Wool will not over- or under-heat underneath you, so on warm nights, these pillows absorb the moisture from sweaty nights and dry out fast. Need I go on?w

So what you have in the alpaca pillow (which does have some wool in it to prevent it matting down too fast) is a pillow slightly firmer than down but a pillow which is allergy-friendly and needs no dust mite covers!

Alpaca Wool Pillows from $94.95