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Blueair Air Purifier Review – Letter from Customer
Contributor: Althea – Customer


Just wanted to confirm that we received the Blue Air purifier and have had it working in the living room for a couple of weeks now and it is just terrific! Both my husband and I were completely comfortable living with the unit right from the beginning. It is elegant looking, hard working, and unbelievably quiet. As quiet as it is, the efficiency of the unit is very apparent. The “taste” and smell of the air has noticeably and dramatically improved. The “dust test” that I conducted in the bedroom, where I dusted all the surfaces and thoroughly vacuumed and then ran the air purifier consistently to see if the dust level remained low, I am now conducting in the living room. Since we are in the midst of disarray just now with some late “spring cleaning,” it’s a bit harder to determine. When we have cleaned some more of the clutter off of some surfaces, I’m sure we will find that the results with the Blue Air are every bit as good as, if not better than, the Hamilton Beach.

I have to reiterate that the noise level of the Hamilton Beach, which we are using in the bedroom, is really very unobtrusive and comfortable for us even in contrast to the eerily-quiet Blue Air. It turns out that the low persistent sound of the fan of the Hamilton Beach is becoming something of a comfort now that we have been living with it for awhile. With the summer weather upon us we are now running fans all through the night anyway. The air purifier makes less noise than the fans on everything but the very highest setting. Also we are finding that our general comfort this summer is superior to what we have experienced for the last several years. Clean air indoors does make a particularly big difference when the air is generally more prone to being still, hot, and “heavy” with pollutants. Adding the purifiers to the fans has made a remarkable improvement.

We are extremely pleased with all our purchases from you and we’ll be back when we have other needs (and more money to spend). I’m planning to be back to you very shortly, actually, for dust mite encasings as my husband dislikes the ones we have. Certainly we’ll be back for the replacement filters we’ll be needing for the air purifiers.

Thanks again for the time and patience you showed us in helping us carefully select the perfect solutions for our needs. You have won yourself two extremely satisfied and very loyal customers!

Althea & Derek L

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