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Air Purifier Consumer Review of IQAir Purification System
Contributor: Lauren W.


Dear Mercia,

When my first IQAIR arrived, my husband, who is an engineer, set it up. He remarked how well designed the machine was. He asked if the noise of the fan would disturb me and I said to turn it on and I would see. He said “It IS on!” It was on the lowest setting but I couldn’t tell it was on at all, it was so quiet.

I have used my IQAIR in a meeting room to reduce perfume and other chemical pollutants. It helps me to be able to attend my two weekly meetings that would otherwise be off limits to me. I set it at level 6 for 20 minutes and then to level 4 for the duration of the meeting so the fan does not disturb others. Others with chemical sensitivities who attend at different times have used my machine as well. It provides relief for them also.

My son uses the second IQAIR we purchased with excellent results as well. He uses it at night to ensure a good night’s sleep in a cleaner environment.

The only minus I would mention, is that after the gas filter absorbs the odors, the scent seems to be released in to the air as the filter is running. I brought the filter home to use but the scent from the meeting place was clearly evident. Perhaps no chemicals re-enter the air, but it would be wonderful if they could find a way to eliminate that problem.

Thanks for your attention.
Lauren W.

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