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Contributor: Ben Gardner

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From: Benjamin Gardner

Sent: Friday, August 03, 2001 2:26 PM

I don’t know how to get a review posted, but thank you for helping with a decision…

I purchased an IQAir HealthPro. I researched like mad, and I am going to have to say that your review should have been enough. This UNIT IS ASTOUNDING. The IQAir is leaps and bounds beyond the competition both in quality and in presentation. I am not saying that there aren’t impressive products available from other companies. I am saying that IQAir is in a different class all together. The unit is superb. The manual is superb. And now we get to the small touches that put it even farther ahead (as if the quality alone wasn’t enough).

air purifiers, air cleaners informationThe IQAir comes w/ a 5 year warranty, BUT if you fill in the warranty card and send it in (which by the way doesn’t ask intrusive personal questions like annual income, # of people in house, hobbies, etc.) the warranty automatically becomes a 6 year warranty for free. Additionally, IQAir is now producing the HealthPro with the HealthPro plus console as standard.

This means if I want to turn it into a Plus model ALL I DO is buy the gas filter. I spoke with an IQAir representative on the phone, and it was the most pleasant call I have put in to virtually any company. Everything from the company to the product is simply the best I have seen (and I have looked A LOT).

Thank you for your review. You hit the nail right on the head. But IQAir has provided improvements even since your review. If I could post this as a customer review I would, since people really need to understand just how impressive IQAir’s product and approach are.

Ben Gardner

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