Common Holiday Scents That Might Trigger Allergies

christmas tree allergy

December is the season for festive décor, family gatherings, and old traditions. Some may be surprised to know that it can also be a season for allergy triggers. We enjoy everything about the holiday season but avoiding a few common allergens can make it much more enjoyable for those with sensitive sinuses. Here’s what to avoid and alternatives to keep your season festive.

Fireplace Smoke

Fireplaces are part of every holiday scene in movies, magazines, and in our homes. However, the smoke and dry air they produce can make breathing difficult for people that suffer from asthma and other illnesses. If simply not using your fireplace isn’t an option, a good solution for dry air is keeping a humidifier in the same room to add moisture to the air. Select a unit that can adequately humidify the size of your room.

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Live Christmas Trees

There’s nothing that smells better than a fresh Christmas tree sitting in your living room. However, they can be a nightmare for your allergies. Certain Christmas trees such as the Leyland Cypress don’t produce pollen and make a suitable alternative to other varieties.

If you plan on having an artificial tree, it can still harbor dust and even mold on its branches. Wipe down branches with a damp cloth to remove allergens. Run an air purifier in the room to remove any dust particles and mold spores floating around.

Artificial Fragrances

Many people enjoy burning candles with seasonal fragrances like cinnamon, pine, and sugar cookie. However, many of these scents are completely artificial and cause allergic reactions. Some people may experience headaches, sneezing, and more when they walk into a room burning a scented candle.

If artificial fragrances tend to bother you, try 100% Pure Allergy-Friendly Essential Oils. Made to diffuse in an aromatherapy diffuser, these scents are made of pure ingredients and don’t contain chemicals, fillers, VOCs, or synthetics.

Floral Arrangements

Poinsettias, holly, live wreathes, and garland are all traditional floral arrangements many people use to decorate their homes. Similar to Christmas trees though, many people find themselves experiencing allergic reactions when coming in contact with these festive decorations. While artificial arrangements are a good alternative to the real thing, some still prefer real wreathes and garland.

To remove any pollen or mold spores resting on your decorations, consider wiping down your greenery with a damp cloth and running an air purifier nearby. If your allergies are still a problem, keep your arrangements outdoors by hanging your wreath on the front door and wrapping your garland around the door frame.

Enjoy the Holidays without Allergies

Allergies can get in the way of life. Finding a solution to what aggravates your allergies can make a world of difference. Browse Allergy Buyers Club to find an allergy product that suits your needs. Live chat with experts that can answer your questions and get you back to enjoying the holidays.