Why Do We Recommend Hypodown Down Comforters?

down comforterMost important of all in my opinion, is that these comforters are cruelty free and the down is not “hand harvested” but is collected naturally as part of the molting process. Hand harvesting is banned in some countries and for good reason- how shall I put it bluntly? Live birds are strung up and plucked till they are bare and bleeding and shrieking as the down and feathers drop into collector bins below. Hypodown is collected in a way that is cruelty free, so animal lovers need not feel guilty when they buy one.

Then let’s get down to basics! The most important part of a down comforter is the quality of its fill which should be 700 or 800 fill weight for the lightest, fluffiest, and best insulating down. The next important feature is the quality of manufacture and we recommend box baffling to make sure the down has enough room to remain lofted but does not shift around. For allergy sufferers, the cleanliness and hypoallergenic properties of the down is paramount, and the Hypodown Collection does it better than most because it introduces a tiny amount of Syriaca into the down, which in turn enhances its hypoallergenic properties. You do not need the most expensive covering; this comforter will last more than a lifetime if given proper care and that means putting it into a duvet cover so it is protected. For most people the Monarch covering is the most effective choice since it is soft and supple.