Hypodown Pillows

Hypodown PillowsHypodown pillows are for all those who cannot abandon their down pillows even though they have allergies. The favorite among our staff is the Hypodown 800 fill Soft pillow. It is also my husband’s favorite pillow as he is a real traditionalist. These beautiful down pillows have very high quality and ultra clean down mixed in with a tiny bit of natural Syriaca which enhances its hypoallergenic properties. When the term hypoallergenic is applied to pillow, it means that you are very unlikely to react to the pillow if you have feather allergies. It does not mean that dust mites cannot accumulate in them, or if exposed to dampness, that the pillow would not become moldy. But if you want a top notch down pillow that does not have you sneezing because of feather allergies, then Hypodown pillows can cradle your head at night with blissfully soft down. Definitely recommended.

The Hypodown 600 Fill Quality Down Pillows