SEBO C2.1 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Review

We have reviewed the Sebo C2.1 canister vacuum cleaner with turbo brush in-depth on our website but I am moved to give you another update.

I recently unpacked a new Sebo C2.1 vacuum cleaner with S-Filtration (meets Hepa standards) that I ordered and took it out for its inaugural run at my new summer home. It was very simple to snap together and I certainly did not need a manual to figure out how to do it. The vacuum maneuvers easily, tools came off and went back on very smoothly, telescopic wand worked like it should, it has nice rubber bumpers and I found the suction to be excellent. When I had finished vacuuming, it parked itself very nicely in the closet, no complaints here. I also could see that the vacuum bags are a pretty good size, so that it will take a while for it to fill up with dirt.

I have two critiques to make. Firstly, the 21-foot cord (nice length) did not come out of the vacuum smoothly beyond about 12 feet and I had to reach down and pull it out. In addition, I am super obsessed with my new shiny wood floors, and while the floor brush is very good quality and sucked up the dirt, I thought of that lovely soft Miele floor brush sitting in our showroom. So for a little over $50 extra in price, even though a smaller size, the Miele Solaris Turbo vacuum cleaner is a serious contender for someone such as myself who has mainly bare floors and a few scatter rugs. Truthfully it is hard to pick between them. Sebo C2.1 Turbo priced at $589 and the Miele Solaris Turbo $649.