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Steam Cleaning Machine Comparisons – Best Cleaners
Ladybug 2200S Steam Cleaner

The major advantage that our best quality steam cleaning machines have over their competition is their continuous fill feature. This means that when you run out of water to produce the steam, you do not have to wait for the pressure and temperature to decrease sufficiently to allow you to remove the filling cap, nor do you have to reheat an entire boiler full of water. With the continuous fill line you remove the filler cap, pour in water, replace the cap, and continue your work. With practice this can be done in less than 30 seconds.

And while you may have to fill more frequently than other models, the convenience of not having to stop your work for about 15 minutes might have you using them more frequently.

The LadyBug steam cleaning machine is our bestseller and is ideal for most households. It would be a good choice for a home between 1000 and 2500 square feet and for use of about 2 to 3 hours a few times a week. It has a complete selection of excellent quality tools and a pressure gauge that allows you to be aware of any pressure drop and adjust your use.

Next in our line of Steam Cleaners is the LadyBug XL steam cleaning machine that is sufficiently well made to be rated for light commercial use. It would also be the choice for homes over 2000 square feet or for use around 3 – 4 hours every day. It is slightly larger than the regular LadyBug and has an on-board tool caddy to allow you to keep all of the tools with you. And while it is convenient to have all of the tools on board, it does add to the weight and also to the width. The boiler temperature is about 10 degrees more than the LadyBug and will produce steam for a longer time period. The main feature of this machine is its ability to protect the wiring joints from overheating, which allows the XL to be used continuously for much longer periods of time.

Our premium machine is the Vapor Jet 2400 steam cleaner (with a cart) and is an excellent choice for very large areas or for commercial or industrial use. It’s larger boiler and internal design allows it to be used for long periods of time without the temperature or pressure dropping too much. A possible minus to this unit would be the steam volume controls are on the body and not on the handle, were it not for the fact that once you set the control, you rarely have to change it. On low steam this unit will function for up to 4 hours making it ideal for areas where a water source is not conveniently available. An ideal use for this unit would be for commercial residential cleaning, restaurants, hospitals, used car dealerships, and situations needing a long steaming time.

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