Steam Cleaner Ratings, Review – Ladybug XL

Steam Cleaner Ratings, Cleaning Machine Review

Rating: 5 stars – Excellent

Steam cleaning your house or office is a remarkable method of cleaning. Vapor steam cleaners can sterilize and deep clean almost any surface more effectively, faster and without the use of chemicals than other conventional cleaning methods. Ground-in dirt, stains, baked on “crud” get lifted off, and your house will smell “cleaner” than you ever imagined. It is dangerous to get used to a vapor steam cleaner as suddenly you set yourself a whole new level of cleanliness!

We would be the first to say that the Ladybug XL steam cleaner is not for everyone. It is a little heavier and more awkward to carry around than some, and any steam cleaner over $1,000 is a bit heavy on the pocketbook. However, if you are getting into serious steam cleaning and performance is a priority, then this machine should be definitely on your “to consider” list. We often get asked the question as to which to pick, the Ladybug or Ladybug XL. Here is our assessment of the Ladybug XL machine.


  • The LadyBug XL is quick and easy to refill with no down time as it is continuous refill and can be refilled on the fly.
  • An exceptional video, instruction manual, and a single cheat sheet of steam cleaner operating tips is included.
  • It has an excellent grade quality stainless steel boiler with a 3-year warranty.
  • It is a very safe steam cleaner, not only because you are adding cold water to a cold-water reservoir, but it has a safety trigger as well. We cannot overemphasize the importance of this feature. Remember you are dealing with hot steam temperatures.
  • The tools are of excellent quality and snap on and off easily. It is the quality of the tools that can make or break the performance of a steam cleaner. This steam cleaner has superior standard tools and a good range of optional tools for specialized tasks. The list of tools available has just been extended.
  • Heavy-duty machine rated for light industrial use which speaks to it reliability and durability.
  • Steam cleaners may be used for prolonged periods of time without overheating the wiring. We appreciate that safety and durability factor
  • Slightly greater cleaning temperature of steam than the TidyVap or LadyBug
  • Carries all the tools right on the steam cleaner unit, so you do not need to carry around as separate tool bag
  • Will maintain steam pressure for a longer time than the LadyBug or TidyVap


  • Added weight and width make the steam cleaner slightly awkward on stairs and narrow corridors. We recommend this machine to people with single floor living. The Ladybug because of the lighter weight and ease of maneuverability is the model we rated as best in class but the XL comes a close second- this feature is our only complaint and some people greatly prefer this model.
  • The frequency of the steam cleaner pump turning on due to water sloshing inside can be annoying

Whether it is grout cleaning, marble floors, sanitizing of kitchens and bathrooms, stain removal, the Ladybug XL steam cleaner goes to the top of the class. It does command a hefty price tag but if you are serious about chemical free cleaning, this steam cleaner will not disappoint. In addition, compared to some other manufacturers, we have every confidence in the manufacturer’s after sales support and service as well as the longevity and stability of the company.

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